Future ProofDr. Michael Schwalke brings his extensive surgical experience to every patient.  As a true specialist in the field of breast care, he provides a comprehensive range of advanced diagnosis and treatment for breast disease and delivers it with personal, one-on-one care.

Get a thorough, accurate diagnosis the first time.

Dr. Schwalke combines his substantial experience with the latest diagnostic equipment available to make earlier, more accurate diagnoses than ever before. He is a forward-thinking leader among physicians in our area. He brought to us state-of-the-art ultrasound, breast MRI and breast density imaging. Such advanced diagnostics help ensure the correct treatment.

If treatment is necessary, look for experience.

Sometimes surgery is the best option. Dr. Schwalke’s depth of experience as a surgeon gives him insight to assess the best options for you. He is proficient in the latest and least invasive options for treatment currently available. Among them are advanced ultrasound in the operating room and several options for non-surgical biopsies performed in his office.

Understand your risk.

Dr. Schwalke understands your personal risk for breast cancer and he wants you to understand it, too, not as a statistic but as an individual. That is why he developed one of the most in-depth risk assessment programs available. It covers a full range of risk factors, including hormonal history and genetic indicators. It is customized to you and administered by the doctor himself.

Good care is here in your community.

The most important thing to know is that you will get the best possible breast care right here, in your community surrounded by the support of family and friends. Dr. Schwalke has the experience and advanced technology you need and the personal, comprehensive approach you deserve.